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Why are centres like Ankara so important?

Most visitors coming to Turkey use the international airports of Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir. During the last few years, Antalya has also become more important. The reason for this goes back in history. Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir have their own special connections to history and because of that have been important in trade and business for centuries.
With the ending of World War I and the foundation of the Turkish Republic, these cities developed into centres of social, cultural and economic growth. Apart from them being industrial and commercial centres, they have a long tradition in education with superb universities, theatres, conservatories and schools.

Lot of ethnic and religious minorities live in towns like this, holding important jobs in the government or in the private economy. They are part of a mosaic of people from different backgrounds which is so typical of Asia Minor. Celebrities, actors, journalists, poets and writers meet in their bars. Young people meet in coffee bars discussing the future of their land or commenting on what is happening now. Intellectuals have given up their revolutionary ideas of the sixties and reduced them to the classical question: ?What will be and when?? which is now discussed over beer and wine.

Turkish intellectuals, both men and women, have many characteristics which are common everywhere in the world. They are open, talented, well-travelled, speak different languages and are always happy to discuss their opinions. They can be helpful and happy partners for you on your travels.

What you should bear in mind is that, deep in their hearts, they share common beliefs with other Turkish people, whether you are discussing loyalty to the country and the society, family unity, or fairness and respect for traditions. Remember this and you will find they will become close friends.








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